Thursday, August 25, 2022

Meeting called to Order 6:33 pm

2021 Annual Meeting Minutes, Minutes Approved

2021/2022 Financial Update

  • Stratton reviewed EOY 2021 expenses and 2022 YTD financial updates

Community Update

  • Adam requested assistance from the community in identifying and reporting violations
  • Adam, Stratton and Mike reviewed the earlier technical issues from the HOA website involving e-mails
  • The Board believes the technical issues have been resolved and request the community continue to reach out to the Board through the HOA website
  • Discussion around homeowner requests for updating website more frequently
  • Adam provided information on the addition of 2353 E. Powell Road to the HOA
  • Adam provided update on the timelines dates for the signage at the East Powell entryway
  • Deposits have been made for Electrical, Signs and Landscaping
  • Electrical is being scheduled for September (exact date TBD)
  • Signs, Lights and Plantings has been scheduled for October or early November (exact date TBD)
  • Many homeowners requested that we keep the existing trees and do not replace them
  • The Board will be reaching out to the landscaper to modify the request in order to keep the existing trees


  • Stratton was re-elected to the board for a full term

Open Forum

  • Homeowner questions regarding replacement of the split-rail fence along East Powell Road
  • The Board will be requesting a quote to determine the cost/feasibility or replacing the split-rail fence along East Powell Road
  • Homeowner requests for the Board to engage the Landscape Committee on future landscaping planning
  • The Board will be reaching out to the Landscape Committee to receive further feedback on plansDiscussion around opportunities for additional community involvement in things such as an annual picnic or block party
  • Discussion around request to notify the community 2 weeks prior to the community garage sale
  • Discussion on concerns from traffic noise coming from the freeway

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 p.m.